Jewels Of The Forest Illuminated Cardinal Sculpture

Amidst the snow-covered trees of a wintry forest, a flash of brilliant red brightens the day as a male cardinal arrives. He perches upon a rugged pile of fallen logs, pinecones, and antlers as his mate sits nearby.

Joined by two more cardinals as envisioned by acclaimed wildlife artist Bradley Jackson, it is a splendid sighting of nature’s treasures. Now, celebrate the beauty of nature with the Jewels of the Forest Sculpture, a 2-in-1 limited-edition masterwork bird sculpture.


Price:$125.00 US



A glass lantern nestled within this bird sculpture showcases a brightly colored pair of cardinals, realistically portrayed by acclaimed wildlife artist Bradley Jackson and recreated in brilliant color and detail.

Your sculpture is meticulously handcrafted and boasts a hand-painted base with lifelike details, including a crimson-feathered male cardinal, his mate’s warm brown feathers, logs with textural bark, pinecones, and even antlers with smooth, snow-topped points.


It lights up! Turn on the LED-powered “tealight” and watch as Mr. Jackson’s cardinal portrait comes to life, making this illuminated sculpture a breathtaking sight over and over again.

  • Included FREE, one C7 bulb; simply plug in your sculpture and enjoy
  • Edition limited to 295 casting days, so order now!
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Measures 12″ H; 30.5 cm H
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